Sex and the city hot spots tour

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Here, we got a few minutes for some awkward "shopping time" or to grab a coffee before we continued our tour to the leafy Greenwich Village. But this doesn't come as a big surprise if you know that Aidan, one of Carrie's ex boyfriends, earned his living by building furniture.

Sex and the city hot spots tour

The ladies from "Sex and the City". I really enjoyed it! After all, the original Coyote Ugly bar used to be here and the story in the film largely takes place here.

Sex and the city hot spots tour

Sex and the city hot spots tour

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  1. We were told to stay on the other side of the street, but we all got a quick souvenir snap. After all, it's incredibly difficult to shut down the heavily frequented New York City subway for filming — even for the shortest of scenes.

  2. I've been here before on my New York City visit in and instantly fell in love with the "Red Velvet" cupcake. The guides are usually actors or comedians.

  3. Other Sex and the City film locations we drove by on the bus The subway entrance The Sex and the City ladies usually travel around in cabs — not only because it was more glamorous than the subway, but also for practical reasons. All aboard the funniest bus in NYC!