Sex capitol of the world

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The rest who say this, of course, have been to Thailand and, what a surprise, they actually are sex tourists — so yes, to them, Thailand is the sex capital of the world. But, in reality, the World Health Organization estimates there are no more than a total of , to , sex workers that have worked in the sex trade in Thailand, or about one quarter of one percent of the entireThai population.

Sex capitol of the world

Many Thai men, of course, use the services of prostitutes. May 24th 1 shares Most Popular February 17th 3. As they walked in a grey-haired year-old man jumped off the bed and wrapped a towel around himself.

Sex capitol of the world

Sex capitol of the world

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  1. Getty Those involved in the sex trade say it benefits the country's economy by pulling in millions of visitors armed with fistfuls of cash.

  2. But police have stepped up raids on brothels following concerns over underage sex workers and human trafficking.

  3. Scantily clad Thai women, faces whitened with foundation, offer massages to passing western men.