Sex discrimination act and the equal pay act

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International Woman's Year for was also the year in which local authorities in large numbers decided to axe plans for providing more nursery schools and when the National Union of Teachers declared that the Government's nursery programme was in ruins. She alleged that her employer, Hudson Group Retail, LLC, did not afford her the same accommodations as her male replacement.

Sex discrimination act and the equal pay act

In fact, the Act covers some sport but not all. Once the disparity is established, the burden of proof that the reason was a legitimate one is on the employer, who should be able to show that any policy that resulted in disproportionate pay is in place throughout the organization, says Lawrence. These provisions do not, however, come into force until April, , and the extent to which they will be used depends, to some extent, on the help which the State gives to women on looking after their children.

Sex discrimination act and the equal pay act

Sex discrimination act and the equal pay act

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  1. The setting up of the apparatus through which the Sex Discrimination Act and the Equal Pay Act are intended to become effective has been somewhat rushed although it is also true that the White Paper outlining the Government's proposals was published only last September. Unlike most discrimination actions, the Equal Pay Act intent-neutral.

  2. Girl Fridays are safe till then because the Employment Secretary, Mr Foot, has agreed to accommodate the difficulties of magazines which publish months ahead.

  3. Unlike most discrimination actions, the Equal Pay Act intent-neutral. The social services Ministers of the EEC have recently agreed to abolish discrimination against women in employment, but such admirable gestures will not, of themselves, provide the answer to conundrums of the kind posed on the farm.