Sex discrimination act in australia

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The coverage of the amendments in relation to harassment in the area of goods and services is wider than that of the Sex Discrimination Act Cth. For example, a policy that says that certain medical treatments, such as treatment for ovarian cancer, is only appropriate for women may disadvantage an intersex man who has male and female sex characteristics.

Sex discrimination act in australia

Direct pregnancy discrimination happens when a woman is treated less favourably than another person because she is pregnant or because she may become pregnant. However, the amendments do not make either educational institutions or the Department of School Education vicariously liable for unlawful acts of harassment by adult students.

Sex discrimination act in australia

Sex discrimination act in australia

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  1. State and Territory legislation generally establishes an Equal Opportunity Commissioner and an Equal Opportunity Tribunal for overseeing the operation of anti-discrimination legislation and handling relevant complaints. The practical impact of the exceptions in the Commission's experience to date has been 'minimal'.

  2. Discrimination on the ground of family responsibility or family status is unlawful in the areas of work against applicants and employees, commission agents, contract workers or in partnerships, professional or trade organisations, qualifying bodies and employment agencies , and education.

  3. Such a policy may require a transgender woman to continually disclose information about her gender identity in order to explain discrepancies in personal details. Same-sex couple refused hotel manager jobs Kevin and Todd, in a same-sex relationship, applied for a position as a Hotel Managing Couple for a hotel in an Adelaide suburb.