Sex drive and the nuva ring

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This involves taking your basal body temperature and observing your cervical fluid. Other posts you may enjoy.

Sex drive and the nuva ring

I believe that good sexual health is your birthright. That pill gave me horrible anxiety, depression, excess mucus and vomiting.

Sex drive and the nuva ring

Sex drive and the nuva ring

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  1. I don't feel the ring during sex or in general, it has never fallen out or caused pain and my partner isn't bothered by it.

  2. Since the pill reduces the amount of testosterone in the body by a significant amount, there is decreased lubrication and ultimately painful sex for some women. So women who are Hummers, the ones who need tons of hormones to function optimally moi!

  3. The nausea has since gone away for the most part and I just get it on occasion now, I still get the acne breakouts but for me it's only really a small Price to pay in the scheme of things. I have had a great experience with this method.