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Charges were brought, but then dropped. Certainly alcohol is involved in a significant proportion of sexual assaults, particularly on college campuses.

Sex drunk party girl sluts

There a year-old girl named Daisy Coleman said she went to a get-together at the home of an acquaintance, where she was handed a cup of alcohol and drank to the point of blacking out. In college sexual assaults, the numbers are even starker: There is a culture of cruelty and victory around young men "getting" sex even from young women unable to consent; and for some young women there is shame associated with an apparent failure to not "give it away.

Sex drunk party girl sluts

Sex drunk party girl sluts

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  1. Because of this long-standing narrative, those who commit sexual assaults know they are less likely to be reported, let alone arrested, prosecuted or punished, if the woman was drinking. While rape is a common crime, rapists are, statistically, a very small portion of the population.

  2. With this license to exploit set in place as a social norm, when college students see their peers targeting drunk girls at parties or at bars, there is little incentive to step in.

  3. Perhaps because we assume that boys will be boys, or because we implicitly consider girls to be collateral damage to teenage bad behavior and irresponsible for not protecting themselves.

  4. Change those norms, and though the men who target drunk women may still be callous or sadistic, the space within which they are able to carry out that sadism will narrow. Battling stereotypes about female vulnerability and the sexual availability of women who drink heavily would, from a public health and legal perspective, be much more effective than warning individual women about their choices.