Sex education books in urdu

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For some of today's youngsters, it may not be enough to be told that they should not engage in sex because Islam forbids it. They are uncomfortable in discussing it with their teenagers just as their own parents never discussed it with them. In our culture boys and girls are not encourage to discuss their sex problems with teacher, parents, elder brothers and sisters.

Sex education books in urdu

Writing distributed on this subject in Pakistan, previously, has been inferred from remote distributions and not from neighborhood research. This book can also be free downloaded in Urdu pdf format.

Sex education books in urdu

Sex education books in urdu

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  1. Children develop right and wrong concepts not from the books but from what they see on the television and what they see around them.

  2. They are tom between what seems to be an Islamic perspective and what is actually being taught by the secular media and the education system.

  3. In this book men are addressed, but women can also read this book. Different methods for birth control are also discussed.

  4. Pubic and axillary hair grows both in boys and girls, discharge from penis and vagina, growing genitalia, changing voice.