Sex education how to felattio

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The specifics need to be explored by each pair of people with a little creativity and a lot of honest communication. When the penis is thrust into someone's mouth, it may be called irrumatio , though the term is rarely used.

Sex education how to felattio

Different people have different sensitivities to the reflex, but some people learn to suppress the reflex. Further English words have been created based on the same Latin root. STDs can be transmitted if partners are having unprotected oral sex.

Sex education how to felattio

Sex education how to felattio

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  1. The author of the Kama Sutra states that it is also practiced by "unchaste women", but mentions that there are widespread traditional concerns about this being a degrading or unclean practice, with known practitioners being evaded as love partners in large parts of the country.

  2. Clinical research has tentatively linked fellatio with immune modulation, [29] indicating it may reduce the chance of complications during pregnancy.

  3. Whether you are emotionally involved or not, the act of hooking up is pretty intimate and leaves you in a vulnerable state.