Sex education requirements in az

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Teach that a mutually-faithful, monogamous relationship in the context of marriage is the expected standard of human sexual activity. Teach the importance of attaining self-sufficiency before engaging in sexual activity. Sexual Materials in Public Schools Overview Sexuality deals with some of the most intimate and sensitive human behavior.

Sex education requirements in az

The Day of Silence is intended to pressure schools into supporting student efforts to promote homosexual behavior on campus, such as the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance, as well as training school faculty and staff to address bullying of homosexual students. Talking Points Parents always have the right to protect their children from exposure to sexual materials in school. Abstinence until marriage instruction equips teenagers with strategies to avoid or at least delay premarital sexual intercourse.

Sex education requirements in az

Sex education requirements in az

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  1. Teach abstinence from sexual activity outside marriage as the expected standard for all school age children. The American Psychological Association reports that a full 70 percent of all middle and high school students reported being bullied at some point.

  2. These matching monies provide a boost to the current abstinence education programs financed by the state lottery fund. Homosexuality in Public Schools Among advocates of homosexual behavior, there is a deliberate, concerted effort to use public school curricula and activities to promote the lifestyle to children.

  3. Arizona law requires public schools to allow parents to access instructional materials currently used by or being considered for use by a school district.