Sex in morning or night

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It all comes down to hormones. Research by scientists at the University of California, San Diego, found men who exercised had a boosted libido. Diseases like heart disease, diabetes or any other condition which affects blood circulation or the nervous system can be the reason why you are not having an orgasm.

Sex in morning or night

They often see themselves as overweight and not attractive -and that feeling over rides their heightened sex hormones. Researchers believe the reason is that music may make women feel more relaxed, bonded and in turn more sexual, while in men it calms their aggression and in turn reduces their levels of testosterone. It is also kept in balance by oestrogen and progesterone.

Sex in morning or night

Sex in morning or night

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  2. However, when confronted with a sexy person, a man who already has higher testosterone levels is likely to be more flirtatious.