Sex in the city fashionista game

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The high meets low fashion look, which also made an appearance in the film, easily danced its way to the top of our list. And with the Carrie nameplate necklace. Samantha in particular is dressed in an eye-catching somewhat outrageous ensemble that make us wonder if is she is subconsciously channeling Princess Jasmine?

Sex in the city fashionista game

Samantha maintains her sultry sense of style no matter how cold the temperature. Some people swear by short-haired season 4 Carrie, others are obsessed with Charlotte circa her wedding to Harry.

Sex in the city fashionista game

Sex in the city fashionista game

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  1. Every outfit for Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda meticulously complemented and informed their characters. Carrie makes me think of all the cute outfit options I would have if I had abs.