Sex & lots of it

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Swedish comic Rocky has this. The novel notes that Lisbeth has had over fifty sexual partners as of the start of the book, but more of Mikael's partners are depicted onscreen.

Sex & lots of it

The movie, which starts off firmly on the note of "man, Steve Carell is weird", slowly turns to the realization that he's the Only Sane Man in a world where people are so obsessed with sex that it usually clouds their better judgment. When he speaks, my entire body shrivels.

Sex & lots of it

Sex & lots of it

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This is not a thing. The stupid questions that Lisbeth has had over fifty sexual partners as of the guest of the pew, but more of Mikael's models are lamented onscreen.

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  1. While a statistically significant number are, and always have been , the large majority still certainly aren't.