Sex offender map wichita kansas

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Additionally, some offender information is not subject to public disclosure and therefore, not included on this website. Links will open in a new window.

Sex offender map wichita kansas

As such, the registry may contain erroneous information. Legal Services The law offices listed below can assist with dealing with a sexual crime defense,removing your name from the registration if possible by law , divorce or child custody battle. The law establishes penalties for sexual abuse of children with first time sex offenders receiving a minimum sentence for 25 years, a second time sex offender receiving a mandatory sentence of 40 years and a third time offender imprisoned for life without parole.

Sex offender map wichita kansas

Sex offender map wichita kansas

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  2. In addition, many convictions required that the defendant register for the rest of their life at local, state and federal levels, and certain offenses require lifetime parole. They adopted him after he was found wandering alone on a playground.