Sex offenders emery county utah

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According to the sheriff's office, after leaving the baseball complex Fredricksen went to nearby Heritage Funeral Home. They contacted police, who pulled Fredrickson over, still driving the school bus on a rural road, and arrested him. Patrick James Fredricksen, 30, who lives in Emery County, is on the state's sex offender registry based on a case where he reportedly pleaded guilty to third-degree felony unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

Sex offenders emery county utah

Utah Sex Offender Report Description: It was there that he came across and stole a school bus parked outside a home. In addition, by using this site and becoming a customer of this site, you understand and accept that the information we gather is derived primarily from public records, which may not be one hundred percent accurate or complete.

Sex offenders emery county utah

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  1. Sex offender steals school bus, tries to pick up kid By Crimesider Staff Updated on: He is also charged with damaging the jail where he was held after his arrest.