Sex offenders polk county oregon

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It is your responsibility to make sure the records you access through this website pertain only to the person about whom you are seeking information. If the sex offender is classified as "nonpredatory," state law prohibits Hausman and Silbernagel from giving out any information except the person's zip code. If still on parole meaning still "supervised" , the offender is the responsibility of the county in which the crime was committed.

Sex offenders polk county oregon

In the past, the county corrections division has conducted open houses and information sessions to encourage the public to ask questions about their rights and the rights of parolees. So if you move to a new community in Oregon and you want to know if there are any convicted sex offenders in your neighborhood, you can call the Oregon State Police at , ext. They're not all the same can of corn

Sex offenders polk county oregon

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  1. Registration is the first line of defense for the general public, and the "books" are occasionally audited to make sure they've been updated.