Sex sluts in the slammer

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Sometimes too much [unsafe sex] going on for my taste. There was a desperate, deliverance-type feel to the place that was a total turn off. So if you find someone you're into, there's a very high chance of you hooking up.

Sex sluts in the slammer

There were no stand and model guys JohnRocco Over a year ago Hates it John Rocco Apparently, Michael John, meth user addict, was unhappy that the Faultline was stealing their thunder on Wednesdays , called in a favor with the corrupt LA politicians and police dept and had them closed down.

Sex sluts in the slammer

Sex sluts in the slammer

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  1. It truly is a place that allows you to get down to business and there were some great looking guys there.

  2. In the 6 hours I was there, I only met two guys that seemed "normal". The larger room has glory holes, rooms, a coral and a few medium sized dark rooms.