Sex through the sublimation way

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Therefore, the objective scientific attitude towards the sexual drive should be twofold: It is apparent that neither of the two extreme attitudes can give satisfactory results. This classification does not claim to be scientifically accurate but constitutes a practical aid in the process of transmutation.

Sex through the sublimation way

In the form of compassion it is poured upon those who suffer; then it undergoes a further transmutation and becomes a motive power for social and philanthropic action. The lack of any stable guiding principle, of any clear scale of values, makes the individual insecure, robs him of self-reliance, and subjects him to the influence of other people and external circumstances.

Sex through the sublimation way

Sex through the sublimation way

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  1. The importance and value of transmutation and sublimation-not only of the sexual energies but of all other drives — should be more widely known and appreciated, and the methods for putting them in operation should be more extensively applied in psychotherapy, education, and self-actualization. For example, when you've just had a kid, you're typically not much in the mood.

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