Sex tourism and its effects

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Statistical Report on Tourism. Thus, the gravity of the public health problem arising from STIs is extremely serious, especially when FSWs have been considered by health professionals and policymakers as reservoirs or vectors for the spread of such infections and diseases.

Sex tourism and its effects

Investigators of sex tourism concentrate on the interpersonal dynamics of the relationships between tourists and locals, particularly in terms of power, the theoretical conceptualisations is driven by one of two perspectives of sexuality, on the one hand researchers see prostitutes as sexual victims, whereas some people see prostitutes as empowered sexual actors Herold, et al, Nations with higher rates of prostitution clients, or "johns", display much more positive attitudes towards commercial sex.

Sex tourism and its effects

Sex tourism and its effects

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  1. The complexity of this topic has sidelined it from being spoken about, a factor that has greatly contributed to the clandestine nature of sex tourism.