Sex toy by the bulk

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We ship all orders in a discreet box. It pulled out of dot-com ventures, forged a union with Mr Thorpe's company Divolution, and wrote off a lot of nonperforming assets.

Sex toy by the bulk

If your customer provides an e-mail address, UPS or US Mail will send them an e-mail with the tracking and date shipped. You will receive the UPS or US mail shipping cost, tracking number and items on back order of the orders we shipped in the previous 24 hours. We have a suggested shipping charge for each product on our web site.

Sex toy by the bulk

Sex toy by the bulk

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  1. These prices should cover your drop shipping fee You should tell them that standard shipping will take 1 weeks, express shipping will take business days and overnight will take business days.

  2. Please make your customers aware of the risks involved in shipping this merchandise to international destinations. You have to open a Account with our parent company Williams Trading Company ext 14 or email rich muffsandcuffs.