Sex variant women in literature

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You can read more of her work at www. She published the book at the age of sixty with her own money and using her own name through the vanity publisher, Vantage Press. Review by Julie R.

Sex variant women in literature

Passet begins with Foster's childhood and adolescence, a cold and confusing time with parents enthralled by their own business failures, living distantly from each other and their daughter. Sex Variant Woman is a significant contribution to GLBT studies and lesbian literary studies — and a delightful and engaging read for existing Foster fans and the new ones who will certainly be minted by this book.

Sex variant women in literature

Sex variant women in literature

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  1. Tumultuous undergrad years take her through multiple colleges and her first few broken hearts. Powell's Passet, a professor of history and author Sex Radicals and the Quest for Women's Equality , captures both the personal and professional obstacles faced by Jeanette Howard Foster, the foremother of lesbian literature.

  2. Foster is the author of the book, Sex Variant Women in Literature. You can read more of her work at www.

  3. In this wonderful and historically significant book, Foster both cited and analyzed 2, years of lesbian love in literature ranging from Sappho to Radclyffe Hall, including along the way writers as diverse as Ovid, Swinburne, and Verlaine.