Sex wasnt made for procreation

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Her parents had moved from a housing project in New York to a working-class community in Atlanta to secure a better life for their family. Respondents sometimes placed more value on emotional and physical intimacy than on the goal of averting pregnancy or disease through contraceptive use. When a gene pool is small, the risk of birth defects and other illnesses rises.

Sex wasnt made for procreation

It was … romantic to imagine building a permanent life with him. Higgins JA, Browne I.

Sex wasnt made for procreation

Sex wasnt made for procreation

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  1. Because of the paucity of social, financial and, often, emotional resources at home, Destiny, Rose and other less socially advantaged women turned to their partners and their potential children to fulfill their needs, even when they did not hope to become pregnant at the time of conception. Are all contraceptive failures unintended pregnancies?