Sexy shoulder tattoos for women

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Usually the fish itself is portrayed in vibrant colors and surrounded by even more stand out hues. It gives it flair without all the flash of bright colors. Teal and purple also go very well together, we just love this bird tattoo.

Sexy shoulder tattoos for women

This one looks super fresh, look at how much that color pops! A beautiful sketch style floral design on a ladies shoulder. Pixies are particularly popular tattoo designs amongst females and this particular one reminds us of Tinkerbell from the Peter Pan story.

Sexy shoulder tattoos for women

Sexy shoulder tattoos for women

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  1. Though the individual pieces are small, and getting smaller as they move away from the circle, it does cover a large area.

  2. Another beautiful example of flower designs on a females shoulder. I really like that white ink was used to dot the celestial bodies throughout.