Sexy woman in high heels

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Okay, thanks from very happy men aside, where did high heels come from? The shoes were a flaunting of a woman's sexuality, and, as the women must surely have noticed, a magnet for attracting the attention of men. Flappers helped women enjoy their womanhood by making it "okay" to don high heels, slap on make-up, smoke cigarettes, shorten those dresses that dragged on the floor and generally adopt a freer, more independent spirit.

Sexy woman in high heels

Gueguen blames or credits the media for its strong imagery association between stilettos and sexiness. The Enlightenment brought a more sensible, understated dress style for men.

Sexy woman in high heels

Sexy woman in high heels

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  1. For the grand finale, researchers wanted to see if high heels could actually make men more likely to pursue the wearers as mates. And yes, higher heels can change the way a woman walks, making her hips sway a bit more as she negotiates walking at a more precarious height, but in the study, even women who were seated and wearing heels were approached by more men.

  2. So "nice girls" still wore flats and practical footwear, until the 's and those most revolutionary of all women- the flappers.

  3. But now, science gives some credibility to the seemingly illogical and unhealthy choice to endure pinched toes and vertiginous heights. High heels may be terribly uncomfortable and bad for the ankles, but guys love them!!!!