Should we have sex after iui

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Sharon Covington, Director of Psychological Support at Shady Grove Fertility provides suggestions on how to keep the romance alive while trying to conceive. Intercourse is however suggested the evening following the IUI.

Should we have sex after iui

To compare the pregnancy rates, between intrauterine insemination IUI followed by timed intercourse and IUI only for treatment of the infertile couples. Many marriages and relationships can suffer—maintaining intimacy and communication is key.

Should we have sex after iui

Should we have sex after iui

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  1. The pregnancy rates were compared between groups. In the event ovulation was to occur unexpectedly, especially from multiple follicles, we want to avoid the possibility of multiple pregnancy.

  2. This alternative treatment appears to be a practical, simple, and inexpensive addition that improves the pregnancy rate in patients receiving ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination program.