Siblings have common sex habits

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On his Web site, Alton noted that a similar adopted brother-sister marriage was recently avoided through detailed identity records. But Lieberman thinks the strongest cue humans have is growing up with a sibling under the same roof.

Siblings have common sex habits

Bad combination The problem with incest is that it can keep so-called "bad" genes in the gene pool and compound their effects, said Debra Lieberman, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Hawaii. The psychoanalyst side of me definitely wants to know what was going through their minds after they discovered they were brother and sister," Spain said, noting that such an analysis might offer important scientific clues about incest. Dreamstime This recent story went wide:

Siblings have common sex habits

Siblings have common sex habits

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  1. One set of 23 comes from the father while the other comes from the mother. Yet as the 21st century waxes, questions about the behavior remain unanswered.

  2. One "long" version would indicate the genetic father as well as the mother, while a "short" version without such details could be used to maintain the person's privacy. British fraternal twins who were adopted separately at birth later married without realizing they were brother and sister.

  3. But Lieberman thinks the strongest cue humans have is growing up with a sibling under the same roof. Naturally unselected Because so-called higher organisms such as humans are susceptible to life-shortening genetic combinations, Lieberman thinks nature has weeded out incestuous behavior over time through natural selection.

  4. Incestuous ancestry Scientists think Earth's earliest life emerged about 3. Other than that, he said, the couple's story simply excites human aversion to incest.