Side effects of sex toys

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Getting down and dirty—literally. Many contain phthalates, designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as a possible human carcinogen. Putting a ring on it.

Side effects of sex toys

Well, sex is an extremely important part of a person's life, as it is one of the basic instincts, just like hunger and thirst. Sexual dysfunction is more common in women with hypertension compared to women with normal blood pressure BP. Wellness By Chandana Rao on April 4, If you are someone who is sexually active and want to spice up your sex life, then you would have used sex toys or you would have at least considered using them, right?

Side effects of sex toys

Side effects of sex toys

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  1. Cholesterol Medication Taking statins and fibrates to lower cholesterol are extremely beneficial in some people when diet and exercise has not helped, but may affect the production of sex hormones.