Sims 2 sex position downloads

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Sometimes when you add an accessory at night or during the day and it turns to or you set it to night , it gets a blue tint not blinking, just tint. You can even use animation hacks or custom pose boxes with them provided creators didn't set them on high priority.

Sims 2 sex position downloads

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Sims 2 sex position downloads

Sims 2 sex position downloads

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  1. A larger washing machine. Combining different ones will give you different looks check out the screenshots.

  2. Don't use that unless you have to. The hack was designed for adults and due to the way accesories were physically attached to the Sims, they are not placed properly on other ages.

  3. Face overlay - I added facial expressions from the game. All of the spells and potions that are used have a bad side effect but I suppose that is what you get for meddling in the black arts!