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The Homomat alternates in the HSC club with two other events: Twenty-nine persons were arrested.

Slovakia gay

It is the party with the highest concentration of sexy muscular men. While the National and Bratislava's municipal police forces kept the two sides apart, several anti-gay protesters were able to infiltrate the event and throw stones at speakers and disperse tear gas into the crowd. The Homomat alternates in the HSC club with two other events:

Slovakia gay

Slovakia gay

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  1. Pride demonstrators had to cancel their march through the city center, but were able to cross the Danube under police protection.

  2. Recognition of same-sex unions in Slovakia There is no legal recognition of same-sex unions in Slovakia.

  3. President Andrej Kiska has called for more discussion on this issue. It put a brave face on the result, saying holding the referendum was a success in itself.

  4. The Constitution prohibits marriages of the same sex couples and there is no other form of legal recognition of these couples such as e.