Solutions to sexism in the workplace

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Yet again, we'd suggest you start by asking why—without losing your cool. Work to promote a culture that is welcoming to all different people, their views, and their unique perspectives and ideas. No matter what the issue is, if one of your employees feel uncomfortable or has been made to feel uncomfortable by another employee, you need to take it seriously.

Solutions to sexism in the workplace

Everyone needs to know what they are dealing with, including understanding what sexism looks like in their workplace and the impact it has on both staff and the organisation. Illustrations by Saskia Wariner 2.

Solutions to sexism in the workplace

Solutions to sexism in the workplace

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  1. In fact, there's a whole Reddit for that. Creating an equal opportunity policy helps ensure that women and men have access to the same positions, opportunities for advancement, and other job perks.

  2. Then, if necessary, explain why you feel like it could "be perceived" as inappropriate we'd skip the more daring confrontations here due to the obvious power dynamic. And a Marist Poll finds that 22 percent of adults and 35 percent of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

  3. The research shows that women have to be much more qualified than men to be viewed on the same level, and if they're a woman of color they have to be even more qualified.