Spatial ability and sex differences

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Given that none of our participants have experience with puzzle solving and that villagers from both societies have the same means of subsistence and shared genetic background, we argue that these results show the role of nurture in the gender gap in cognitive abilities. Sex differences in visual-spatial ability:

Spatial ability and sex differences

In this paper we introduce important empirical evidence into this debate. Although these forces remain among the most hotly debated in all of the sciences, the evidence for nurture is tenuous, because it is difficult to compare gender differences among biologically similar groups with distinct nurture.

Spatial ability and sex differences

Spatial ability and sex differences

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  1. In the second study, the same test was administered to new groups of male and female college students. For instance, spatial skills are influenced by training 8 , 9 , and males typically have relevant training

  2. Many researchers posit that early expertise in spatial ability in children lays down a foundation for the development of quantitative reasoning, a collective term encompassing science and mathematics. Although males had significantly more correct responses on the test than did females, their advantage was eliminated when the ratio of correct responses to items attempted was used as the dependent measure.

  3. Target Shape Four of these drawings show the target object. Could this gender gap in spatial reasoning be substantially driven by nurture?