Spouce no longer has sex

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Couples, Schnarch told one interviewer, "are usually locked together, emotionally fused. That builds up your juices, and it is a way of connecting. If one member of a couple is avoiding sex because of simmering tension or unresolved differences, that person needs to communicate or risk undermining the relationship.

Spouce no longer has sex

Pamela says that after their second child was born, their sex life plummeted until they were making love only once every six months. I felt like I was over the hill. You have to decide to make having a vibrant, exciting, emotionally satisfying sexual relationship a priority.

Spouce no longer has sex

Spouce no longer has sex

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  1. Given the Zeitgeist, it would be easy to assume that more of us are having more sex more of the time.

  2. In his books, Passionate Marriage and Resurrecting Sex, Schnarch offers the optimistic opinion that our sex lives can become more fulfilling as we age, not less.