St paul police sex crimes unit

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During a press conference Tuesday, the task force Swanson appointed to review the issue revealed the attitude is not uncommon, and that victims deserve better. In the Minneapolis Police Department, the Sex Crimes Unit was long perceived as a kind of banishment for disgruntled cops, or those who got in trouble with the administration.

St paul police sex crimes unit

Panel of independent investigators In reporting this series, the Star Tribune consulted 13 veteran sexual assault investigators across the country: For the other agencies, the Star Tribune examined a random sample from the same years. Earlier this month, when the Minneapolis City Council cut the budget of the MPD for a million dollars, part of that money would have been used to free up four more detectives for the Sex Crimes Unit.

St paul police sex crimes unit

St paul police sex crimes unit

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  1. Retired criminal investigator with the U. In reporting that story, Star Tribune reporters heard from several law enforcement sources that sexual assault investigations in Minnesota deserved further scrutiny.

  2. The Peace Officer Standards and Training Board has already drafted a policy that would improve the way police are trained, how they gather evidence and interview victims. Prosecutors say thorough reports can make or break a sexual assault case.

  3. We also asked 13 veteran investigators and prosecutors from across the United States to review and comment on more than of the Minnesota cases.