State of georgia sex offender registration

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Renew the required registration information with the sheriff of the county in which the sexual offender resides or sleeps by reporting in person to the sheriff. Registration pursuant to this Code section shall be required by any individual who: Institution of Higher Education — This refers to a private or public community college, state university, state college, or independent postsecondary institution.

State of georgia sex offender registration

The main goal of doing so is to educate and protect the public from sex offenders. Appropriate Official — With respect to a sexual offender who is sentenced to probation without any sentence of incarceration in the state prison system or who is sentenced pursuant to Article 3 of Chapter 8 of this title, relating to first offenders, the Department of Community Supervision.

State of georgia sex offender registration

State of georgia sex offender registration

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  1. You should also be prepared to tell your lawyer about your case and charges, your conviction, and what you have been doing since completing your sentence. Any sexual offender required to register under this Code section shall:

  2. Continue to comply with the registration requirements of this Code section for the entire life of the sexual offender, excluding ensuing periods of incarceration.