Summary of the sex discrimination act 1975

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The consent decree also requires the district to educate school board members and employees regarding how to respond to sexual harassment complaints. Anti-Discrimination Act TAS Discrimination on the basis of age, breastfeeding, disability, family responsibilities, gender, gender identity, intersex status, industrial activity, irrelevant criminal record, irrelevant medical record, lawful sexual activity, marital status, relationship status, parental status, political activity, political belief or affiliation, pregnancy, race, religious activity, religious belief or affiliation, sexual orientation, and association with a person who has, or is believed to have, any of these attributes. See the tables below for detailed information on each federal, state and territory Act.

Summary of the sex discrimination act 1975

The second settlement agreement addresses the narrower set of conditions that the United States identified as noncompliant with the EEOA in South Australia's law allowing registered relationships and recognised overseas and interstate same-sex unions went into effect on 1 August

Summary of the sex discrimination act 1975

Summary of the sex discrimination act 1975

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  1. On September 8, , the Division and the State settled the matter in a two-year settlement agreement that requires the State to respond in a timely and effective manner to credible evidence that LEAs are failing to serve their ELLs, including notifying them of violations and providing a protocol by which they must submit to CDE documented evidence that resolves the violations. The Section also alleged that the school district had failed to comply with existing desegregation orders in the areas of faculty and staff hiring, assignment and compensation; transportation; facilities; and curriculum.

  2. Much will depend on the nature and circumstances of the remark. The school district therefore improperly denied the plaintiffs access to school facilities for their evening meeting.

  3. The Section contended that the district's proposal would not further desegregation of the district's schools, would not afford black students equal educational opportunities, and would impose disproportionate transportation burdens on black students. In Western Australia and the Northern Territory, same-sex couples must often seek judicial approval to prove a de facto relationship exists.