Tantric sex step by step

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Regardless of your reason, this is the perfect book for getting you started with the teachings of Tantric sex. Where the spirit takes flight and arrives at the tree of life, allowing the enlightened one to travel between the three worlds. It is about connecting with your partner on an emotional and a spiritual level.

Tantric sex step by step

Tantra can be practiced in different forms and Tantric sex is one of those forms that will help in awakening the dormant sexual energy present in your body for helping you attain greater pleasure. To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now.

Tantric sex step by step

Tantric sex step by step

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  1. Finally, ask permission to be her passionate Tantric lover. Mention all the things you like most about him.

  2. It is the union of the female and the male energies present in the body, for forming a spiritual connection. Finally, ask permission to be her passionate Tantric lover.