Teachers who have sex with administrators

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As soon as the parents left, I called our central office investigator and my area superintendent to let them know about the situation. The parents are upset because the teacher was not fired on the spot.

Teachers who have sex with administrators

But the teacher was merely reprimanded. Math teacher and girls' track coach Jeff Logandro, 32, is charged with official misconduct, criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child.

Teachers who have sex with administrators

Teachers who have sex with administrators

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  1. Authorities said a student, not one of the alleged victims, told a substitute teacher in April that teachers were "hooking up" with students.

  2. Gym teacher and boys' soccer coach Nick Martinelli, 28, is charged with official misconduct involving an year-old. Each week, members of Education World's How I Handled team share how they solved actual problems relating to school leadership, parent involvement, professional development, and a host of other "principal" responsibilities.

  3. Our investigation revealed that, yes, the teacher did say something inappropriate. One of our English teachers is very demanding of the students in his honors-level class.