The couple in the next room having sex

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Maxie is tired of hearing Johnny and Lulu's sex life, so one day she makes loud sex noises in her bedroom. Willow and Kennedy finally get a bedroom to themselves and act appropriately. If only these walls could talk, oh wait, they do!

The couple in the next room having sex

In The Sims 2: In yet another Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic, Brothers Under the Sun , our four Muggle protagonists were "kept awake [that] night by a very loud gay couple next door" Oh Amy, you naughty vixen!

The couple in the next room having sex

The couple in the next room having sex

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  1. In Unknown , at Gina's place, we hear noisy sex from the next room which leads to an awkward moment between Gina and the hero. Becomes downright weird when you realize that the main character and Tyler are the same person.

  2. Sister, Sister has Lisa and Ray making loud sex noises through the wall so Lisa's mother thinks they're really married. Fairly early in the run of the webcomic, Davan gets sick of hearing his neighbour's loud sex noises — not so much for the noise, but because it's very obvious that the woman is faking it.

  3. Apartment Life, loud noises will occasionally leak through the walls, annoying your sims who can bang on the walls to get the neighbors to shut up.