The evolution of a sex addict

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It fills the mind with images and sensations without leaving any time for actual elaboration. Sexuality has become recreational, and even imperative.

The evolution of a sex addict

Time immobilized by the repetition compulsion From the point of view of temporality, the sex-addict suffers from a repetition compulsion, often giving him an impression of a stagnant temporality that is not open toward the future. In these spaces, there is no social identity, no faces, but body parts revealed by hands touching, caressing, feeling, entering.

The evolution of a sex addict

The evolution of a sex addict

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  1. In this posture, it is a matter of contenting oneself with fragments as they appear without worrying about the whole, of switching to something else. The negative effects are then experienced:

  2. The inability to be happy in a couple relationship, repetition compulsion, giving the impression of a loss of control, and the centering of an existence that only focuses on a single preoccupation; these elements — associated with a painful sense of failure — are often at the origin of a request for treatment.