The ins and outs of sex

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Tears in the rectal wall, also known as fissures, are like paper cuts and can increase the risk of HIV transmission if a condom is not used. Your bum is full of bacteria which, if introduced to your vag, can lead to infections.

The ins and outs of sex

That means that every step of the way — whether continuing an activity, moving from one kind of activity to another e. The prevalence of sexual activity without consent, along with youth attitudes that dismiss the importance of consent, highlight the need for us to think, talk and learn about responsible sexual conduct.

The ins and outs of sex

The ins and outs of sex

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  1. If a person notably older usually two years or more than another who is below the age of consent engages in activity with the younger one, he or she is considered to have committed a punishable crime statutory rape.

  2. This includes being drunk, on drugs or having certain psychological conditions. Amyl is also a commonly used drug that can be bought from sex stores.