The origin of word sex

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We literally see everything in a mirror. Think about it if god created DNA and programmed and controls us, do you really believe there is a competing forces in our brain?

The origin of word sex

To focus on mental states is to accept fictions—inhabitants of the imagination—as potentially informative and interesting. After creating the universe and life it is said the God Noon lost interest and retired. Scientists see the trees not the forest.

The origin of word sex

The origin of word sex

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  1. So nature designed a terrible way for humans to see when it already designed far better eyes for all other animals?

  2. All this can affect evolutionary outcomes—outcomes that as far as we can make out are not brought out in recent books on the evolution of language, yet would arise immediately in the case of any new genetic or individual innovation, precisely the kind of scenario likely to be in play when talking about language's emergence.

  3. Most of the big Truths we all believe in are false, the answers are in the opposite of what we all believe.