The sex discrimination act 1995

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Removal of comparator element Stage One Amend the definition of direct discrimination to remove the comparator element, along the lines of the equivalent definition in the ACT A Definition of discrimination Page 65 Recommendation 7: A Sexual harassment Page Recommendation Australian women are overrepresented in low paid industries with high levels of part time work such as retail, hospitality and personal services.

The sex discrimination act 1995

During the Listening Tour, Commissioner Broderick personally met over women and men from all walks of life. The Inquiry poses the crucial question: The research also found that 70 per cent of all sexual harassment involved men sexually harassing women.

The sex discrimination act 1995

The sex discrimination act 1995

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  1. The Inquiry poses the crucial question: Broad inquiry function Stage One Amend the SDA to include a broad formal inquiry function in relation to the elimination of discrimination and the promotion of gender equality in Australia.

  2. After six months, he gave her a hard time and said she had to work full time if she wanted to work.

  3. Systemic gender-based discrimination remains the key barrier to achieving substantive gender equality.