The sims 1 sex objects

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The trash can fixer repairs your outdoor trash can or replaces it. Buy the children's wand charger and take the child's magic wand from it.

The sims 1 sex objects

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The sims 1 sex objects

The sims 1 sex objects

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  1. Decorate your neighbourhoods with rocks, tree's, power poles, street lights, mountains, crashed UFO's, smoke, rainbows, clouds, birds and many more features. Oddly enough, I find that children become short and bulky, while adults become short and skinny -- not quite what the descriptions of the effect had predicted -- but really don't look so dramatically different as I had expected.

  2. Buy or build a simulated house, find them a simulated occupation, manage their simoleans money , make friends with other residents and much more.

  3. All Sims, that is, except NPCs, but your dragon is an exception to this exception. Players can now design the neighbourhood their sims live in instead of just building the houses there or import their simcity 4 cities and create an entirely new 1!