The tin drum oral sex scene

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In the span of about 30 seconds, the audience hears the girl let out a yell and sees her push the boy away. As the story progresses, Oskar ages on the inside but remains a child on the outside.

The tin drum oral sex scene

A note to readers: He doesn't even know what it is about. She wore an opaque material that covered her genitals and buttocks, she said.

The tin drum oral sex scene

The tin drum oral sex scene

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  1. Katharina Thalbach, a European-born actress and director, filed a federal court affidavit last week in response to allegations that "The Tin Drum" violates Oklahoma law. A group of tinhorn moralists in his hometown had recently given it a big thumb's down, and they didn't want him or anyone else to watch it.

  2. Thalbach participated in all three scenes that Oklahoma County District Judge Richard Freeman identified as violating state law. Last summer, Oklahoma City police rounded up copies of the film from video stores and homes after an Oklahoma County judge ruled it contained child pornography in three scenes.

  3. Maybe that's why I couldn't immediately recall the specific second scene that caused Bob Anderson to launch his crusade.

  4. Compare Denzel to Sinatra. Bennent has such a frighteningly polished intensity, it is difficult to believe he was just 11 during filming.