The wonder twins having sex

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The Shock and Awe twins No. Xros Wars vacillates between this and Fusion Dance:

The wonder twins having sex

It wasn't until Yes! It seems that it happens easily enough with time — there are isolated incidents of non-partnered Digimon being able to do it on their own, and it also seems to be hinted at with the level names in the original Japanese 'Child', 'Adult', etc.

The wonder twins having sex

The wonder twins having sex

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  1. Megaflare, Bahamut's ability, and Meteor, the ultimate Black Magic. Some examples are Gloha Goblin-Harpy 's parents and a pair of Mundanes who have two different syndromes making one unusually short and the other unusually tall.

  2. As the bad guys approach, Handel and Greta slowly move their hands together and when they join hands, their eyes turn red and they cast some sort of spell that knocks their enemies off the castle. Neither of them is aware of this caveat for a while, meaning that when Edgar "Ball" gets ambushed by bad guys, he thinks he is going at them with superpowers that are waning rapidly.

  3. Interestingly, only one of them has to want to fly for it to work. Although they can control their more-or-less identical "dolls" separately, their real power comes from the dolls working in tandem.