Tips on water sports sex

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Watersports or "piss play" is one of those play modalities that elicit cries of "why would anyone do that? On the most basic level, watersports refers to a form of erotic or BDSM play that involves urine.

Tips on water sports sex

I love women to pee on me, but I also enjoy just lying back and pissing all over myself. There are plenty of useful resources available for folk who want to engage in watersports outside of the bathroom, but that's definitely level play.

Tips on water sports sex

Tips on water sports sex

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  1. So maybe he likes that feeling too? At the same time, the reverse is also true, and something that one wouldn't have imagined liking can turn out to be seriously hot.

  2. Before we can get to why or how though, let's establish what exactly we mean by watersports play.