Tips to last longer in sex

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A study of British couples found that the average man lasts around 5. If you experience both erectile dysfunction ED and premature ejaculation, prescription medications for ED could be effective for both issues.

Tips to last longer in sex

Performance issues can put a strain on a relationship. Primary premature ejaculation is often psychological and mainly starts when a man first becomes sexually active. The counselling can be combined with a medical regime that addresses the problem in the short-term.

Tips to last longer in sex

Tips to last longer in sex

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  1. Cultura RF Edging If you find your climaxes are too short and sweet, you should have a go at edging. But fear not, there are many ways you can become a stallion in the sack.

  2. Find out how to last longer in bed There are many reasons you might be blowing your load too early. Squeezing the penis when you feel like you about to ejaculate 1.

  3. Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation How to last longer in bed naturally Become a sex stallion with these 7 simple tips. Check your local drugstore for climax control condoms.