Us hospitals performing sex reassignment surgery

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American College of Physicians; For these reasons, transsexual surgery is not covered by Medicare. US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Us hospitals performing sex reassignment surgery

Several approaches are possible including self-identification and identification of gender expression , and although none are perfect and all raise potential issues related to disclosure and the tension between identity and behavior, inclusion of such questions is a necessary step toward building a foundation of knowledge regarding the health and needs of transgender people. When using legal documents transsexual persons must decide whether to be honest about their birth sex and face possible discrimination or lie and face the possibility of being caught. Furthermore, important methodological debates remain unresolved, including those about conflation of terms e.

Us hospitals performing sex reassignment surgery

Us hospitals performing sex reassignment surgery

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  1. Removing the constraints to coverage of gender-confirming healthcare by state Medicaid programs. Consequently, many transsexual persons encounter financial hardship in accessing SRS.

  2. Neither does it address the high rate of serious sequelae of failing to treat transgender people who have a need for gender-confirming surgery. Although a growing body of literature has addressed the overall health and health indicators of transgender people, 12,18,19 the evidence-based work on gender-confirming treatment medical and surgical transition care is still limited.