Videos of famous sex scenes

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The band OK Go capitalized on the growing trend, having achieved fame through the videos for two of their songs, " A Million Ways " in and " Here It Goes Again " in , both of which first became well-known online OK Go repeated the trick with another high-concept video in , for their song " This Too Shall Pass ". In , The Shamen 's video for the song " Ebeneezer Goode " was banned by the BBC due to its perceived subliminal endorsement of the recreational drug Ecstasy. It also predates what the Beatles did with promotional films of their singles " Rain " and " Paperback Writer ", both released in

Videos of famous sex scenes

As well as this, metal band Tool 's music video for " Prison Sex " was banned from MTV, as the video and lyrics touch on the sensitive matter of child abuse. Lyric videos[ edit ] A lyric video is one in which the words to the song are the main element of the video. Capitalizing on the controversy, the kiss was choreographed into their live performances.

Videos of famous sex scenes

Videos of famous sex scenes

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  1. Despite those particular scenes being shot at strategic angles, a censored version was released with a stream of computer-generated flowers added in to cover up more. At its launch, Apple 's iTunes Store provided a section of free music videos in high quality compression to be watched via the iTunes application.

  2. The early animated films by Walt Disney , such as the Silly Symphonies shorts and especially Fantasia , which featured several interpretations of classical pieces, were built around music. The Warner Brothers cartoons, even today billed as Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies , were initially fashioned around specific songs from upcoming Warner Brothers musical films.

  3. Due to thinly veiled homoerotic undertones plus lots of skin and sweat but apparently not enough clothing, save that worn by the fully clothed members of Queen themselves , it was deemed unsuitable for a television audience at the time. Thomas Radecki of the National Coalition on TV Violence was interviewed accusing the fledgling rock video business of excessive violence.