What is a sex offender assesment

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Regarding psychological treatment, the most authoritative and comprehensive meta-analysis concluded in that the available evidence suggested that some psychological therapies were effective, but a firm conclusion could not be drawn. A glaring problem highlighted by meta-analyses is the absence of useful data pertaining to which specific changes in psychological or clinical constructs induced by therapy were responsible for reductions in recidivism if indeed any had occurred.

What is a sex offender assesment

Instructions on the scoring and interpretation of actuarial risk assessment systems for sex offenders are provided in the recommended readings or suggested related entries. Despite several decades of research, there are no generally accepted scientific explanations for sex offending.

What is a sex offender assesment

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  1. Assessment of Sexual Preferences The only assessment shown to reliably distinguish sex offenders from other men especially offenders without sex offenses and also to predict recidivism among adjudicated sex offenders is phallometrically evaluated sexual preferences. Assessment would generally then give greatest priority to assessing this risk of recidivism and the measurement of those constructs selected for intervention.