What is gorger gypsy

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So what is your problem with the word? While there are no official statistics for Travellers in the UK, there are an estimated , based on local government caravan counts.

What is gorger gypsy

Some settled people dont pay taxes and scam the tax man and so do some travellers. Why by using that word would it offend anyone?

What is gorger gypsy

What is gorger gypsy

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  1. You have a word for us, which is Gypsy, it is easy to say and needs no other word to descripe us, it is not offensive and hurts no ones feelings because that is what we are. They are recocgnised as such by law and have no legitimate usage in our community.

  2. In a new law offered Romanies born in England and Wales the possibility of becoming English subjects if they assimilated into the local population. It is only used in our discussion with you's because it is easier for us to describe what we are talking about.